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Julian Navarro

Julian Navarro


"I would like to thank everyone involved at Covington with my selection."

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"I wanted to take this opportunity and write about how happy I was to be selected by Covington Who's Who."

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"I am just starting out in this business and Covington Who's Who is really helping me get recognized"

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"Covington Who's Who has been a wonderful opportunity and experience. As a member, my books and works are even more successful with global coverage."

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Weekly Blog

Read our weekly blog, highlighting members who have been recognized in their industries.

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Quarterly Newsletter

Read our quarterly newsletters that feature expert business stories and advice, a Q&A section and featured profile of the quarter.

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In the News

Check out top news stories from around the globe! Every day we will feature stories from major news outlets on hot topics from all over the world so you can stay abreast of current events.

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Published Authors

Our Covington Authors page provides Covington Who's Who published authors an opportunity to shine! Whether you've published a book in your field or have written a creative fiction or non-fiction book, biography, memoir, or children's book, here is where you can submit and gain the ultimate exposure to thousands of other members! Authors will be featured on a dedicated Covington Who's Who blog page, with book summaries listed by genre, and will include an image of each author or stock photo of each book, and a link where members can go to purchase one. There is no limit to the number of books that can be listed – each book will get its own summary page!

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Covington Contest Winners

Dedicated to professionals that have gone above and beyond in their field, Covington Who's Who proudly recognizes recent recognitions, awards, promotions, and other professional achievements recently earned. Monthly winners will be featured on the Covington Who's Who blog with a photo, brief description of their accomplishment, direct links to their email address and/or website, and will be made viewable to all members.

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Scholarship Program

Coming soon - Covington Who's Who proudly encourages our CWW future leaders to lead us into the next generation. The CWW Scholarship Program has been developed to help those future leaders by providing them with an opportunity to meet their educational and professional goals.

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