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Julian Navarro

Julian Navarro


"I would like to thank everyone involved at Covington with my selection."

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"I wanted to take this opportunity and write about how happy I was to be selected by Covington Who's Who."

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"I am just starting out in this business and Covington Who's Who is really helping me get recognized"

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"Covington Who's Who has been a wonderful opportunity and experience. As a member, my books and works are even more successful with global coverage."

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Executives Of The Year

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Ernest Dailey

Apparel, Silk Screening,

Copperas Texas, USA

Christine Damiani

Education, Alief Independent School District

Missouri City Texas, USA

Stephen Darago

Education, St. Cloud High School

Orlando Florida, USA

Kirby Daras

Defense Contractor, Capstone Corp.

Tyorne Georgia, USA

Joan M. Darnauer

Computer Applications Education, Monroe Middle School

Wheaton Illinois, USA

Gayle Darsey

Merchandise, Welcome Friends

Cochran Georgia, USA

Brenda G. Daugherty

, Diverse Office & Home Solutions, Inc.

Houston Texas, USA

Carrie A Daugherty

Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Daugherty Business Services

Jackson Michigan, USA

Lynda Davenport

Education, Lynda's Tenderlove Daycare

Catonsville Maryland, USA

Eric David

Construction, Kaiden Konstruction

Derry New Hampshire, USA

Jacob Davidson

Garage Doors, Hometown Garage Doors

Crestview Florida, USA

Timothy D. Davis

Cruise, Vacation Packages, Landscaping & Landscape Designs , TG Travel And Davis Landscape Design

Salt Lake City Utah, USA

Laura L. Davis

Human Resource, United States Air Force

Beavercreek Ohio, USA

Justin K Davis

Health Care Devices, Roche Diagnostics Corporation

Westfield Indiana, USA

Estella Davis

Healthcare, Central Texas Veteran Healthcare System

Temple Texas, USA

Dottie Davis

Whole Food Products, Juice Plus

Fayetteville Georgia, USA

Deanna L Davis

Consulting, Wells Fargo Bank

St. Petersburg Florida, USA

Roger R. Davis

Construction, Langlas and Associates

Bozeman Montana, USA

Shari Davis

Music Events and Music Education, Madison Blues Society

Madison Wisconsin, USA

Barbara L. Davis

Education, Healthcare, Plattsburgh School District

Plattsburgh New York, USA

Terry D. Davis Sr.

Marketing, Outcold Productions, Inc.

Aurora Colorado, USA

Edward L Davis, III (NED)

Writing, Publishing, Noosphere Institute

Northport Michigan, USA

Charles Dawson

Booking Travel Destinations, Dawson Cruises and Travel

San Antonio Texas, USA

Dennis T. Day

Home Improvement Services, Products, Lowe's Home Improvement

Alexandria Virginia, USA

Michael P. De Nigris

Consulting, Self-Employed

Bristow Virginia, USA
Now Displaying Result 1 - 25
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