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Julian Navarro

Julian Navarro


"I would like to thank everyone involved at Covington with my selection."

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"I wanted to take this opportunity and write about how happy I was to be selected by Covington Who's Who."

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"I am just starting out in this business and Covington Who's Who is really helping me get recognized"

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"Covington Who's Who has been a wonderful opportunity and experience. As a member, my books and works are even more successful with global coverage."

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Educational Services

Live Seminars, Webinars, and Online Learning Center

Get the professional training, knowledge, and advice with live, in-person seminars, online webinars, and through an online learning center.

Live Seminars... Your all-access pass will provide you with live training within your area covering topics like time management, communication, customer service, human resources, management, and much, much more.

Webinars... Featuring hundreds of webinars each year on various topics like management and human resources, and various computer courses training. These one-hour webinars offer cutting-edge training solutions for professionals in all industries.

Online Learning Center... Receive online training courses that you can take whenever and wherever you choose, as often as you choose.

Other Benefits Include... unlimited one- and two-day seminars, unlimited live and archived webinars, a complete online reference library, exclusive events, and certificate programs.

Your All-Access Training Pass will get you 12 months of unlimited access to Live Seminars, Webinars, and an Online Learning Center once you become a member with Covington Who's Who. For one full year, you'll have unlimited access to results-focused, professional development training that you can attend live or do right from your home or office!

Once you become a member with us, you will receive a welcome email for your Star 12 Membership, which will include your unique username and password, giving you access to your online account. Once logged in, you can begin taking advantage of all the benefits listed above.

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